The Kaito Voyage KA500 is a wind up crank radio that gives you three different radio options (AM/FM, NOAA and shortwave) as well as three different lights to help you during blackouts or when camping. All these features combined make the Voyage a great radio. The main setback with this product is the bulky design that makes it difficult to carry when compared to other emergency radios.

This device may be big, but it is efficient with its charging methods. Cranking the radio for a minute will give you 20 minutes of playtime, depending on the volume level. The crank tucks away when you aren't using it, making it easier to handle. The location of the crank, however, does make holding and cranking the device a little difficult. You can also charge this emergency weather radio with the AC adapter, a built-in rechargeable battery pack, the USB port and even a solar panel. This is the nicest solar panel we saw in our comparison because you can manually rotate it to face the sun as it moves across the sky.

You can use this crank radio to listen to conventional AM/FM radio stations and get access to all seven NOAA channels. There is even a shortwave radio option, which can be used to listen to local stations around your area. These are invaluable stations to have during a disaster. The crank radio also has three lighting options. It has a reading lamp, flashlight and emergency alert bulb for those who may be hearing impaired. The reading lamp is located behind the solar panel and you can control all three lights with one switch at the top of the gadget.

This radio will also charge a variety of mobile devices. There is a cable included that has a variety of connection tips for various phone models. The user manual will tell you which devices the radio can charge.

This is definitely one of the least durable crank radios we have seen. It has minimal protection from water, even from light rain. The casing is a sturdy plastic, but the rubberized casing you may see on other crank radios isn't there. Since these emergency radios are often used outdoors, it's best to have a more durable device.

There is a little help and support offered by the manufacturer. The manual provides the most information, especially when it comes to explaining how to charge a cell phone using the crank. You can get in touch with Kaito customer support by telephone or email.

Kaito Voyager Summary:

The Kaito Voyager KA500 is bulky and breakable, but it can still be a useful emergency radio when you are stuck in an ugly situation. It charges quickly and has five charging options. For an effective way to stay up-to-date during a disaster, this is an acceptable crank radio.

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Kaito Voyager

You can rotate the solar panel to face the sun directly for quick charging.

This crank radio isn't waterproof. It also lacks a durable outer casing.

The Verdict
: 6.73/10

The Voyager will provide you with quick startup times and good lighting options.