Ambient Weather Adventurer WR112 Review

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PROS / The Adventurer WR112 has five separate charging methods, allowing it to charge in almost any scenario.

CONS / The warning feature doesn't have any sound, just a tiny flashing light.

VERDICT / The Adventurer has a design that is boiled down and useful for the craggy outdoors. Don't be afraid to take this crank radio on any unexpected adventures.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

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The Ambient Weather Adventurer WR112 is an emergency radio that is equally suited for the hard-core outdoorsman as for the casual sports fan listening to the game in the garage. The charging options are comprehensive. It's durable enough to handle water and impacts. With some added ports for a USB cable and earphones, this radio has you set for anything that comes your way, including natural disasters, camping trips or even just fall afternoons on the patio. For these reasons, the Adventurer has earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best crank radio.

Power Considerations

This emergency crank radio has a comprehensive list of features. It comes with five separate charging methods, several input jacks and a solar panel that charges the device faster than you can charge many other crank radios. This solar emergency radio can help you in an emergency or keep you entertained on a long backpacking trip.

One of the best features on this weather radio is the number of ports and the multitude of cords included for those ports. Most crank radios have ports for mobile devices but don't include the cords required to connect them. It seems like the Adventurer has a port and cord for every device you have, including your cell phone, tablet and MP4 player. The manual even includes tips for charging your devices, which is important to pay attention to, because some mobile devices aren't designed to handle charging from a hand crank.

The Adventurer includes a three-LED flashlight that is very energy efficient. The charge indicator warns you when a charge is dwindling and it's time to crank it up again. Also, an alert indicator flashes when bad weather is approaching. Unfortunately, this only gains your attention if you're able to see the flashing warning light. Most emergency radios have a siren in addition to a flashing warning light to signal bad weather. If a tornado is approaching your home and you're in the kitchen while the radio's in the front room, you'll miss the warning.


The small size of the Adventurer initially raised some durability and usability concerns, because it can be difficult to use a hand crank on such a small device. However, we found that the small size actually makes it easier to use. It is small enough to fit into any size of pack, even a purse, and it has an outer rubberized casing that allows it to take some tumbles. The size makes it easy to grip or even throw at an attacking wild animal.

The compact body is also water resistant. It can handle everything from a heavy downpour to a drop in a puddle. This means that you can take it camping without worrying about the environment damaging it.


You can charge this crank radio in five ways: by USB device, wall outlet, DC or car charger, hand crank or solar panel. If all of those fail, you can use batteries. When you crank it for one minute, you get 20 minutes of operation with this device. When fully charged, it lasts up to six hours. It is quite efficient when it comes to charging. Solar charging still takes eight to 10 hours for a full charge, but if you aren't pressed for time, charging it outside during the day is perfectly adequate.

Help & Support

Ambient Weather provides a one-year warranty on this device, which is the industry standard. The website is very effective at giving you the information you need about the Adventurer. You can download a manual from the site. If you need to contact Ambient's customer support, you can use the live chat feature on the website, call or email. There's also a FAQs page for quick answers to common questions and a user forum for tips and concerns from other users.


The Ambient Weather Adventurer is an effective tool that can provide you with power and information during an emergency. Its rugged and efficient design, combined with several ports and numerous charging methods, make this a crank radio that you can count on in an emergency.

Ambient Weather Adventurer WR112 Visit Site